The Commissioner

Wayne Trainor
ICQ: 156717546

General Managers and Their Teams!

Team: Peterborough Adjustable Spanners
GM: Tim Kastelle (Brisbane, Australia) +14 hours
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Edge City Repo Men
Team: Denver Dwarves
GM: Magnus Nilsson (Koping, Sweden) +6 Hrs.
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Salt Lake Legions

Team: Thunder Bay Thunder
GM: Mike Robinson, Thunder Bay Ontario
Farm Team: Kalamazoo Kutters
Team: Waco Flaming Cacti
GM: Mark Brashear (Ottawa, Ont.) 0 EST
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Laredo Armadillos

Team: Cornerbrook Cod Fish
GM: Vacantbr> E-mail Address:
ICQ#: --
Farm Team: Joe Bat's Arm Beaters
Team: Katmandu Hellcats
GM: Andrew Drummond
E-mail Address:
ICQ#: 303932657
Farm Team: Mount Everest Climbers

Team: Whitefish Snipers
GM: Steve Wright EST
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Red Deer Dragons
Team: Portland Grave Diggers
GM: Peter Nilsson (Koping, Sweden) +6 hrs
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Sunnydale Slayers

Team: Ocho Rios Ganja Gods
GM: Patrick Herrington (New Brunswick) +1 EST
E-mail Address:
ICQ#: 71897229
Farm Team: Sussex Eagles
Team: Winnipeg Dipsomaniacs
GM: Ryan Miller ?!
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Seddon's Corner Droogs

Team: Miami Dream , Away
GM: Glen Trainor (Sudbury, Ont.) 0 EST
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Minnesota Mosquitoes
Team: Texas Tornadoes
GM: Cliff Whalen (Sudbury, Ont.) 0 EST
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: Thunder Bay Twisters

Team: Capreol Cobras
GM: Wayne Trainor (Sudbury, ON,Canada) +/-0 hrs
E-mail Address:
ICQ#: 156-717-546
Farm Team: Coniston JR. Cobras
Team: Toad Suck Toasters
GM: Peter Trainor
E-mail Address:
ICQ#: 281313586
Farm Team: Brooklin Brawlers

Team: Montreal Mayhem
GM: Amrit Sandhu (Toronto, Ontario) EST
E-mail Address:
ICQ#: 132320728
Farm Team: Vancouver Vanquish
Team: Troy Titans
GM: Tom Foran, Troy MI
E-mail Address:
Farm Team: TBA

*The location in brackets is where the GM is currently at, and the number to the right of that is their time zone, from Eastern Standard time. Eastern, would be listed as 0.