The Die Hard Hockey League is always looking for good dedicated General Managers for it's franchises. To join, you must have read the rules, and we would like you to be active. Experience with hls2 is always good, but not necessary, because even the best have to start somewhere! Anyhow, to join, you have to e-mail League Offices with all the info listed below! You can simply cut and paste it drom this page into an e-mail, fill it in and click send! The League will of course get back to you, asap.

Now, on to the Info you need to send!!

We will need:

Your Name:
Your Location:
Your E-mail Address:
Your ICQ #:

Where you would like your team located:
Coach of your team:
Assistant Coaches:
The ratings for your Created Player:

If there are some questions you don't understand how to answer, simply tell league offices, and they will try their best to clairfy.

*You may be asked for additional information if you are to be accepted.