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Grapfic guide to code65536 speedhack
by pinto2, member @ CDFreaks forum 

Download from or [mirror]

#2. Create a folder under C:\ named; "SPEEDHACK" (or whatever name you like).

#3. UnZip and extract the downloaded spdhack files to folder you just created.

#4. Open the "speedhack" folder and READ the spdhack README file carefully

Now you are ready to begin patching your firmware of choise.

#5. Move/ copy/ paste the firmwarefile you want to speedpatch to folder containing spdhack.

#6. Fire-up your command Prompt. (Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt).

You will get a window "like" this. (May vary depending on your OS).

#7. Navigate to your target folder by typing; CD C:\SPEEDHACK (i.e. your patchfolder), 
- hit "ENTER".

#8. You are now in folder containing the speedhack-patch and the firmware you want to hack.

#9. Type your command to execute speedpatch (spdhack) like this; 
spdhack<space>firmware to patch<space>output firmware.
[*note 1, se below]   
In my example: SPDHACK US0A.EXE US0A_HACK.EXE (This goes for firmware in .EXE form.)
- Hit "ENTER".

If you use spdhack with a .BIN-file the command would look like; spdhack US0A.BIN US0A_HACK.BIN

#10. Hopefully you done everything right, then you now got a window like this:

Note: This picture shows the "default" output for version 2.1.0  [Here is the output for version 2.0 and 2.0.1

 #11. Your firmware is now patched for 8X burning speed on media with the specified mediacodes
[*note 2]
You can check the "write speed descriptors" with DVD Identifier. Here is example of RICOHJPNR01 @ 8X
Exit Command Prompt by typing: exit.

#12. Now itīs time to load your firmware.

Firmware .exe
- When the .exe firmware is aimed for your drive (original), just execute (duble click) on the "new" firmware file.
- If you patched an .exe firmware not aimed for your drive, you must run "flashfix" to bee able load it.

Firmware .bin
- To load a .bin firmware you can use LtnFW.

** Read The README file howto execute "Media Code Scanner". (Only in version 2.1.0)

-note 1. Remember, the third "letter" in firmwarename is always a "0" -ZERO-.  (for 811/851/812S)
-note 2. Write speed descriptor for PRINCOs [50] is 1X, 2X (00011), default in firmwares is only 2X. 

Any question regarding spdhack can be posted @ CDFreaks forum.

Many thanks to code65536 for this great utility.

Happy speedhacking.


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