Transfer and burst test.
pinto2                                                                              2005-01-16

1.        Purpose of this test.
 Initially I put together this test to help one of our members to determine his subsystem capabilities and health
            because he had problem burning DVD media at full (16x) speed.
            This test is handy for anybody that want to know more about how to identify bottlenecks in compu setup.
1.1    This is what you need;

        - Fast DVDRW drive, I will use my NEC ND-3500
        - 5GB free space on your C:/ HDD (minimum)
        - Nero Burning Rom ( or newer) I'm using
        - DVD disc with data on it.
        - 1 empty high quality "16x" DVD+R/ or -R (required for "write" test)
           Nothing will be written to this disc.
        - 40 or 80 conductor IDE cable, if you wanna "compare" what's best.
        - Pen and paper to note speeds and time consumed for tests.
              Note. You can also use your DVD Decrypter to make a test like here described.

2      HDD transfer rate test.
Fire up your Nero Burning Rom.
        Choose "DVD Copy" in new compilation. (>"New", if the guided mode doesn't start.)
        Click on leaf "Image".
        First we are going to test transfer rates on your HDD. I have 7 partitions on my HDD´s as you can se
        in picture

Just push "Test Speeds" button and you are ready to go. Nero will now test transfer on your HDD/partitions.

Now you got the info about capatibilities, ie. transfer speeds of your HDD, as you can see in pic.
When test finish write down what you get.
[Note. This kind a test can also be performed with tools like; HDTach and HD Tune (freeware).]

  Before we continue with further tests, you have to set the right parameters in Nero
        Go through pictures below and see how I set it up. Nero will pre-configure most of the settings but check them anyway.

    Copy, read speed settings.

    Read option settings, I choose the fastest one without error correction.

    Read back, "burn" settings.

3.    Copy, read back transfer test.
Put your burned DVD disc with data in the DVDRW drive you want to test.
I'll use a DVD+R, bookType DVD-ROM, 4.10GB in size, but you can also use a pressed single layer DVD.
Click button "Speed Test".

    New window will open and you will see something like this.

    Copying proceeding...

"Used read buffer" should stay empty if the transfer (reading) is progressing without bottlenecks.

    Copying finishes...

Keep an eye on your copying speed. Try to capture the speed and time before copying is completed.
, this speed can vary depending on your drive read speed.
Write down what you get.

Write back test.
This will give you an indication of your systems internal burst rate, ie. write capabilities.

    Put a empty DVD disc in drive and test will the continue.

    After a minute or so, you will get a window like this...

Note, "Writing at " in "Status:" field can differ depending on media, I used a TaiyoYuden T02 disc.

Guideline. Speed measurement should report at least 32x speed to be able burn DVD media at 16x speed.
On a modern, well configured setup a write back speed of 40x+ is no problem to reach.

Write down your speed measurement and total time consumed.

Now you are ready with your test. Delete TempImage.nrg in your My Documents folder.

Good Luck
pinto2 at cdfreaks


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