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Källan är klassad enligt EU och livsmedelsverket som naturligt mineralvatten.

Kontakta oss

Guttsta Källa AB
Malmavägen 17
730 30 Kolsva

Telefon: 0221-702 00
Fax: 0221-702 05
E-mail: info@guttstakalla.com

About Guttsta Källa

Nestled in the quiet Swedish countryside, in the area known as Bergslagen, lays the tiny village of Guttsta and Guttsta Källa AB where water has been tapped from its spring since 1895.

Guttsta Källa 's natural mineral water has an exceptional taste and quality and is available in handy ½ liter and 1 ½ liter PET bottle sizes . Natural mineral water is a legal definition which not only guarantees standards but is your assurance of what you are getting. Guttsta Källa is one of seven approved sources for tapping of natural mineral water in Sweden.

Guttsta Källa also produces an assortment of the markets finest ciders and refreshing soft drinks.

Our History

It all began back in 1895 when Lars Andersson began making a low-alcohol beverage, svagdricka, in the tiny village of Guttsta, Sweden. Back in those days, there were breweries scattered all around the countryside.

Using water from his own spring, Lars produced 'svagdricka' that was so delicious and refreshing that word spread quickly to surrounding towns and villages about the exceptional Guttsta brew. Lars passed away in 1908 leaving his widow Hilda to manage the family business on her own.

Hilda proved to be an exceptional woman, managing the business so successfully that it flourished despite the very dark economical climate in Sweden at that time. Moreover, it was highly unusual that a woman was in charge of running a business the the beginning of the 1900's.

Guttsta Bryggeri started, as we mentioned previously in 1895, with the production of 'svagdricka'. Today, mineral water is the flag-ship of Guttsta Källa, drawn from the same spring as the company's founder used over one hundred years ago.

The spring now goes under the the name Guttsta Källa, but tradition lives on with Lars and Hildas grandson Hans Lageson who is associated with the company.